Keys to the Cities Artists

Each piano was painted by a local artist selected by a panel of judges through an open application process. The artist shared their talent to create a unique and interactive piano for a children's charity.


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Alicia StammArtist: Alicia Stamm

Piano: Art Through Time
Location: Grandma's Place


About me:  Alicia Stamm graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University’s Frederick M. Supper Honors program in 2013 with a degree in Art Education. She believes that art has the power to expose, heal, and teach. She would like to use her art to teach people how to see as our society and as our (human) race grows. Alicia would like to travel and learn more about people and teach art therapy abroad. Her artwork includes painting, drawing, sculpting, and building.


About my piano:  My piano piece will be homage to art history. I drew my inspiration famous artists such Picasso, Monet, Dali, Van Gogh, Klee, Da Vinci, JMW Turner, Hokusai, and many more. Without our history, we would be nothing; and art has been the greatest looking glass into our past. By understanding art through the ages, we get a better view of life and humanity. I hope that people will recognize many of the pieces I chose to quote, as well as be exposed to new pieces. When the piano is donated to children afterward, I hope that it sparks their interest in art history and opens an avenue to self discovery and expression.


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Amanda TurnerArtist: Amanda Turner

Piano: Curioser & Curiouser
Location: Kretzer Piano

About me:  Amanda Turner has worked as an artist and designer for the kids’ entertainment industry for the past 12 years, owning her own small design company called Pint Size Art. Amanda has designed dolls, games, toys, puzzles, apps, websites, comics, book covers, set designs, TV character designs and canvas art, working for companies to include Mattel, ThinkFun, Seaworld, McDonalds, Bratz, Bleeding Edge and One World Dolls. In addition to creating static artwork, Amanda is an animator, with a Master’s Degree in Computer Animation from the prestigious Bournemouth University National Centre for Computer Animation in England. Amanda is also an accomplished vocalist and pianist, writing, performing and recording both original material and existing compositions for several producers in Hollywood, CA, where she lived for 12 years before moving to Florida recently. In addition to continuing her pursuit of artistic expression through art and music, Amanda teaches singing, dance and acrobatics to kids at FAME Dance Studios in Wellington, just for fun.


About my piano:  I was inspired to create an Alice in Wonderland piano design after hearing about the Keys to the Cities project and how fun and ‘curious’ it would be to have a piano sitting in the street, painted up and available to play and touch. I have chosen to create a design that will be happy, whimsical and mysterious, with bright colors, glitter and shiny highlights to draw one’s eye in a park, or open area. I wish the piano to have an endearing quality, since its journey will end in a facility of some kind for children, so a children’s classic story seemed more than appropriate as a subject. With all the overly dark and sinister silver screen remakes of classic fairytales and storybooks made in recent years, I feel the need to go back to basics with a simple and unintimidating design that will reflect the innocence and fun that the story of Alice provides the first time you hear it as a child. The point of the story, and thus my piano design, is to invoke curiosity and imagination….to make the viewer dream of infinite possibilities.



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Carla GolembeArtist: Carla Golembe

Piano: Piano of Joy
Location: Lighthouse for the Blind


About me:  Carla Golembe is an award winning acrylic painter, gouache illustrator and art instructor.  Her work is shown in the several galleries in the mainland US and Puerto Rico.  It is included in several museums, corporate and private collections.  She has participated in five “Animals on Parade” Public Art projects in 3 states.  Carla teaches painting and drawing to adults at Delray Beach Center for the Arts and The Art School of the Boca Raton Museum of Art.


About my piano:  My intent is to paint a colorful design that is life affirming and joyous and accessible to children and adults.  The inspiration is the birds who frequent the feeders on a tree in my backyard and the songs they sing.  In the design I imagine they are singing along with the piano. This also meshes with the theme of the tree of life, a theme I have been exploring in my paintings.  The flowers reinforce the theme, again they are about life and growth.


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Caron BowmanArtist: Caron Bowman

Piano: High Priestess
Located: Opportunity Inc


About me:  Caron Bowman is a multi-disciplined artist and her work spans many techniques including drawing, painting, and fiber media. She has been influenced by pop art, surrealism and graffiti art. This year, she was selected by Bombay Sapphire Corporation / Russell and Danny Simmons' Rush Philanthropic Art Foundation to be included in the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series. Her artwork has received international recognition and has been on display in various museums and galleries in the United States, Europe, and Asia.


About my piano:  The theme of my piano is inspired by "The High Priestess of Jazz soul", Nina Simone. She brought a soulful elegance to her vocal performances. Moreover, she had originally dreamed of becoming a classical pianist, but due to discrimination at the time, that dream never came to be. I hope that the artwork will inspire children to take up piano and fulfill their dreams no matter the ethnic background.


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Courtney HessArtist: Courtney Hess

Piano: Zentagle
Location: Watson B. Duncan Middle School


About me:  A Palm Beach Gardens resident, Courtney Hess majored in Studio Art and Theatre at FSU and English at FAU. She was fortunate enough to receive a scholarship to study painting in Aix-En-Provence, France from the Lighthouse Gallery and to work as an Animation Academy Artist at Disney MGM Studios. She now teaches Visual Art and Drama as part of the new Literary and Fine Arts Choice Program at Watson B. Duncan Middle School.

About my piano:  This is a joint project with my students. I taught them the art of "Zentangling" last year and not only did they simply love executing it, but the outcome was quite eye-catching. It involves the high contrast of black and white and basically doodling to infinity, so the viewer gets caught up in the piece. Since our choice program is in its 2nd year, we are trying to build it up through press releases, community newsletters, and word of mouth throughout Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. In addition, I use the district supported application "Edmodo" to promote events in the community by blogging directly with students and parents in real time. I anticipate that my students would love to work on such an innovative and thoughtful community project where they could attend a concert (impromptu or prepared) and feel like "I painted a piece of that".


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Eduardo MendietaArtist: Eduardo Mendieta

Piano: Overlook
Location: CityPlace


About me:  Originally from Union City, New Jersey, Eduardo Mendieta has been living in West Palm Beach, FL for the last 20 years. Starting at a young age, he was interested in graffiti and the fine arts. In the last year, his work has progressed from mere canvas and paper to large scale murals located throughout Downtown West Palm Beach. He has also collaborated on three other murals with various artists. Eduardo was a featured artist in the New Era South Florida Graffiti Expo, FatVillage Art District in Fort Lauderdale, Art After Dark at the Norton Museum in West Palm Beach. Other Achievements include painting two large scale murals as a feature artist in the 46 for XLVI Superbowl Indianapolis Mural Project, and painting four more murals for Art Basel Week in Wynwood Art District in Miami. He was featured in the May 2011 issue of City Link, the June 24, 2011 issue of the Palm Beach Daily News, and the July 2011 issue of Palm Beach Illustrated.


About my piano:  My design makes the piano the focal point. The large scale of the keys would draw the viewer to come play the piano. The child's face peeking out behind the piano keys also draws you in to play. It will bring adults back to their childhood where they just sit at the piano and play chopsticks. Children will be having fun just banging away at the keys. The design is whimsical and invites fun!     



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Emmanuel GonzalesArtist: Emmanuel Gonzales

Piano: Waiting in Vain

Location: Private Residence

About me: I explore the past and present through realism and portraiture. My body of work includes a growing retrospective of American icons, where each piece is presented as a fragment in a larger American patchwork. Individually, my subjects attempt to characterize the social climate at a given moment in history. They are influential, recognizable images; relevant within specific ethnic and social groups. Some subjects are foreign to others outside of a particular group or generation. Just as one group identifies emotionally with a particular image through a shared social lens, outsiders will experience these images differently. The “recognition factor” of my subjects reaffirms the identity and unique cultural perspective of a specific group while simultaneously establishing an ”otherness” in viewers outside of a given group. I use pencil, pastels, oil, acrylic, and watercolor to create movement and energy to bring intimacy to large-scale pieces with an attention to subtleties often refined through detailed pencil work.


About my piano: I plan on covering the grand piano with old music sheets. I want to make the old music sheets the background for the paintings that cover the piano. I plan on keeping it traditional and semi realistic. I want to combine paining with decoupage. I would also like to add silver leaf on the legs of the piano to add the renaissance feel. I plan to mimic my artwork…but still preserve the essence of the piano…..


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Erik KuceraArtist: Erik Kucera

Piano: Love Machine
Location: Faith's Place Center for Education


About me:  I am an artist because to be anything else would be untrue. Through my art, I hope to bring awareness to situations in the world which are not always so easy to talk about or even read about. I also enjoy taking themes from the past and working them in a new and exciting way, a way in which people have never seen before.  When I create my art, I always see the images in all dimensions in my mind. Every piece takes hours of thoughtfulness and consideration so that the art can tell a story and give the viewer a journey through a world created in a single piece.


About my piano:  The upright piano is designed like a juke box. It is up to you to choose what you want to hear and let it be played for you. One has just to push a button and the sound is there. Let your fantasy take flight as colors and sound abound. As a world within a world, we find painted a colorful factory inside which is immagined to create sound. The key is the catalyst which brings the music to life. Turn the key and open your soul. Through the power of imagination, I have painted items to illustrate how music can be made from anything from machine parts to a piece of cheese.


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Frank NavarreteArtist: Frank Navarrete

Piano: The Kid
Location: Palms West Pediatric Oncology

Piano: Charlie
Location: Kretzer Piano


About me:  Frank Navarrete is a self taught and multitalented artist who branches out into different techniques and forms. Fine Art, Murals, Sculpting, scenic and prop design and fabrication are many of the skills that Frank has exercised through his accomplished career as an artist.


About my pianos: 

"The Kid" piano: Baseball is my sport when there is no waves, my intention to paint the Gary Carter "Kid" piano is to create an elegant piece while keeping it fun, with three dimensional elements that create an undeniable baseball collage.  Blue thin stripes resemble the Mets uniform while the NY Mets logo in orange pops out from the background. A close up of Gary Carter himself catching a ball. In the keys door a baseball fly by with Mr. Carter's signature. It's a great way to remember an american baseball legend that will bring joy to the kids and great tool to raise funds for the Gary Carter Foundation.


"Charlie" the Gator: My vision for Keys to the Cities is inspired by my love for nature. I propose to paint a baby grand piano to look like an alligator, to create a huge visual impact giving it a three dimensional look. The top part closest to the keys would be the eyes of the alligator, and the narrower end would be the snout, teeth on the sides, and long grass on the legs.



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Holly RutcheyArtist: Holly Rutchey

Piano: Florida Islands
Location: Palm Beach Children's Hospital at St. Mary's


About me:  Holly is a visual artist who paints mostly tropical subjects including: beaches, underwater themes, birds and botanicals.  She is also a musical artist who wrote the score to the documentary short film titled "A Mass of Wine."  She has written a symphony and currently has two CDs available on  Holly has participated in projects similar to Keys to the Cities for the Boys and Girls Clubs.  She painted a dolphin and a turtle for “Wild Things” and a gator for the “Gators Galore.”


About my piano:  I will depict my composition “The Florida Islands and the Florida Seas” (this composition, a variation of “The Tropical Islands and the Tropical Trees,” was written for the “Just Sing Florida” competition).  In the middle of the piano, above the keys, I would paint waves simulating musical staves of the chorus of the song, and perhaps the words:

Midst the Florida Islands and the Florida Seas
Is the land of sunshine and a tropical breeze;
For there’s a beautiful land
Midst the sun and the sand
And we spend our days
In the waves
Watchin’ the palm trees sway;
All day.



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Joseph J. DzwillArtist: Joseph J. Dzwill

Piano: Jaman
Location: FoundCare


About me:  Joseph has been a full time artist for the last 25 years.  He is largely self taught, and has done numerous projects for designers as well as gallery showings around the country.  He works in virtually every medium.


About my piano:  My inspiration for the Player Piano is from my imagination.


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Julie Silk BeaumontArtist: Julie Silk Beaumont

Piano: Old Jupiter River to the Reef
Location:Thelma Pittman School


About me:  My name is Julie Silk Beaumont and I have participated in several of these public/charity art programs - love them. I did a life-size horse, dolphin, and 3 panthers. They were for The Boys and Girls Club and Busch Wildlife Sanctuary. I paint murals for a living. I have the Village Art Studios in Tequesta and would like to paint it there as we get people thru and it would get nice exposure. It is in Gallery Square North by The Gallery Grille. Obviously, I love painting big! I paint murals for a living. I have a Baby Grand that I would love to paint but the family gets "excited" when I suggest it! So I would love to do one of yours.


About my piano:  I would like to do an underwater/to above water piece showing Florida's wildlife, or a completely abstract piano.


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Karen ChandlerArtist: Karen Chandler

Piano: Day at the Beach
Location: Adopt-A-Family of the Palm Beaches


About me:  Karen Chandler: As an art and theatre teacher in Northern Nevada for the past 27 years, I relocated to North Palm Beach a year ago to fully enjoy the life of creative artist while reconnecting with my “beach roots” from my childhood.  Whether it is performing onstage, painting sets, building costumes, playing with acrylic and mixed media in 2 dimensional art or 3D sculpture and mosaic work, I’m invested in the concept of art as the means to explore, engage and energize.  My current artistic focus is all things coastal. The colors, energy, and life force of the ocean influence my work combined with my other passion that is “performance” in creating art that sings.  Just beginning a new career as a Florida artist, I was accepted in the Amory Art Center’s 50 Artists/ 50 Bucks as well as donating art to the National Kidney Foundation Surf Festival in Cocoa Beach.  Nevada credits include Artist of the Year and numerous placements in Mixed Media.


About my piano:  Invested in my beach community, I see an upright piano that calls out to be as playful as a day at the beach.   Bright blues in the cerulean, turquoise and cobalt hues for sea and sky juxtaposition against the yellows and oranges of the warm sand executed in a “stained glass” style heavily lined in black gloss acrylic.  Surf boards and palm tree tops would be cut from ½” plywood, sanded and fastened to the piano.   Sand castles, beach toys, a crab, a manatee and of course, a sea turtle represent the daily visions on any of our beaches.  Real shells and white and blue glass marble pebbles would be affixed to the sand and sea foam.   Finishing touch would be pages of surf music (Surfer Girl, Surfin’ USA, Surf City, Wipeout) decoupaged onto the piano, sticking out of the “sand,” ready to be played. 


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Liz BriceArtist: Liz Brice

Piano: Tropical Lady
Location: YWCA


About me:  Ever since I was a child I have been interested in the colors and shapes of flowers.  I studied at the Boston Museum School of Art and Graphic Design at Simmons College in Boston.  My current work is in acrylics of large bright painterly flowers.  I have exhibited in galleries in West Palm Beach and in London.  My work is in private collections and corporate.  I have also been an Artist-in-Residence for Palm Beach County Schools and Harley House School in London.  I currently reside in Boynton Beach.  


About my piano:  My design was influenced by the climate of South Florida with its vibrant sunshine and exotic plant life. I chose to feature the hibiscus and various green leaves  covering the piano in thick buttery acrylic paints in cadmium yellow, magenta and bright greens. The bright colors are contrasted with some moldings in black and white which echo the piano keys and the black lines in the design. The mood is whimsical which celebrates the Florida lifestyle.


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Nadia UttoArtist: Nadia Utto

Piano: Cosmos Composition
Location: South Florida Science Center


About me: Nadia Utto has a MFA in Sculpture and Ceramics. She creates artwork that metaphorically explores the juxtaposed themes of "form and function" in nature with "pattern and purpose" in culture. With 35 years of professional art experience in a variety of venues, from a National Endowment for the Arts / Artist in Residence, to managing a Soho gallery, she has participated in over 60 invitational, juried, solo and group exhibitions in America and abroad.


About my piano: The moment we hear a piece of powerful music, our personal perspective is changed. Likewise, the moment civilization first saw earth from outer space, we immediately and collectively understood the composition of our world differently. To honor both these phenomenon, this piano is to be completely wrapped in a continuous painted imagery of earth as seen from the heavens. No political borders, just sea to shining sea of color rhythm, rich hued lands and tonal cloud swirls - celebrating the shared natural beauty of both our planet and the world language of music.


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Sharon KoskoffArtist: Sharon Koskoff

Piano: Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Location: Salvation Army


About me:  Sharon Koskoff  is a professional mural artist and designer known for public murals, environmental installations, community projects, multicultural workshops and arts and culture advocacy. I work on site specific commissioned projects. Color theory is a consistent concept in all of my work as well as high quality craftsmanship and aesthetics. Koskoff is the current chairperson of the Public Art Advisory Board of Delray Beach, an arts instructor at the Delray Beach Center for the Arts And the founding president of the Art Deco Society of the Palm Beaches.


About my piano:  I would like to paint an Art Deco “Jazzman” on a Baby Grand Piano with a background of sky blue and clouds to represent HEAVEN. My father, Rubin “Papa Ruby” Koskoff, who was my best friend and mural assistant for over 30 years,  has passed away in June. The tribute to my father will be entitled…. “Knocking on Heaven’s Door” as in the song by Bob Dylan. The dancing man is holding a gold metallic KEY representing Keys to the Cities, but is also symbolizing the Key to Heaven’s Door, with a heart shape handle for my love. A floating keyhole “planet” unlocks the door. The “ruby” colored dancing slippers will be jeweled and glittered for Papa” Ruby”. Since the pianos will be placed outdoors I am hoping that the music will be transcended to HEAVEN for Papa to hear! I have also included some Decometric borders in the many “right angles” and corners of the piano that will enhance the architecture and linear planes specific to the three-dimensional instrument.



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Silvana FronteraArtist: Silvana Frontera

Piano: Melodic Liberation
Location: Quantum House


About me:  My art is a journey of passion. As a young child my world was all about bright colors that instilled a feeling of happiness in myself and in others.  Painting was the only thing that interested me and to date this passion to paint with bright colors and naivety continues.  Drawing and painting has always been good for my soul and I paint to feed my soul and to project this feeling to others.

About my piano:  A piano to me represents fluidity, music, happiness, dance, livelihood, fun, and many more upbeat and positive adjectives.  As such, I wanted my artwork to project the same fluidity and happiness found when someone is playing lively piano music.  I used bright colors to bring out in others feelings of levity and carefreeness.  The top design shows dancers enjoying the musical notes.  My hopes are when someone sees the piano it emotes a sense of youthfulness and overall happiness.

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