Pearl River EU111PA  American-Styled French Provincial upright piano

pearl river Eu111PA

American-Styled French Provincial

43" Vertical Piano




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The new EU111 is a 43” tall, traditional decorator console piano, a style made popular in the United States and Canada over 100 years ago. Pearl River continues the tradition with this authentic and tastefully designed console series, offering 3 unique styles that pay tribute to that era. EU111 models feature a substantial “Boston” style fallboard (key-cover), finely beveled case parts, and solid maple legs.


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The Pearl River Piano Group Ltd. was established in 1956 and has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading piano
manufacturers. Today with nearly 4,000 employees and over 3 million square feet of production space, Pearl River has the capacity to manufacture over 100,000 pianos per year.

Pearl River is proud to be the first piano factory in China to be awarded the ISO 9001 Certification for Quality Control Systems and was also recently awarded ISO 14001 for Environmental Management System Compliance.

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  Action     Pearl River direct blow studio  
  Action Rail     Extruded aluminum  
  Backposts     Spruce  
  bridges     Hardwood laminate, hand notched, graphite treated  
  fallboard     Standard   
  hammers     T stapled premium German felt  
  Hardware     Brass  
  key bed     Butcher-Block-Spruce  
  middle pedal     Practice  
  pinblock     17 ply maple, cross banded  
  plate     Traditional sand cast pure iron, CNC machined and finished full perimeter  
  playing key material     Selected straight grained spruce  
  soundboard      All spruce, solid core plus 2 spruce epidermal applications  
  strings     German Röslau  
  tuning pins     Nickel plated, steel cut-thread  
  warranty     10 year parts and labor  
  Height     43 inches  
  Weight     558 pounds (Boxed, including bench)  

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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