Player Piano System

Today’s amazing player pianos represent a modern update on the paper-roll player pianos from the past, and they are modern marvels. They are not digital instruments but real, acoustic pianos with hammers and strings, capable of duplicating the original sound of the recording artist, whether it be Elton John or Horowitz.  These instruments can “play themselves” using sophisticated technology. Instead of using paper rolls, they operate from floppy disks, specially formatted CDs or internal memory systems that can play for hours without attention.

Player pianos can be played in the usual way or you can add full orchestra or vocals to the piano. Available from several manufacturers is music in every genre from pop to the classics, recorded by some of the world’s top pianists. Capturing every nuance of the original performance, these sophisticated systems play back with startling accuracy - providing something that is actually much better than CDs, because the performances on your piano are live.

Many people are enjoying live piano music thanks to these new systems. Whether you are having a quiet dinner at home or entertaining a houseful of partygoers, these high tech pianos take center stage. For people who play the piano, these systems can be used to record your own piano performance, serve as an educational aid, interface with computers, or assist with composing.

Are you just dusting your piano? Has it been silent for years? Bring your piano to life with a player piano system. Imagine being able to fill your home with the sound of live music while you just sit and enjoy it. Our factory-trained installers can install a player on your existing piano and make it come alive!