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Who says music teachers aren't fun?

Music Teachers: Lawrence Tenzer & Adriana Zabala

Lawrence Tenzer & Adriana Zabala at our
Annual Pampered Teacher Party


Do you need help finding a piano teacher for your child or yourself?  Our free on-line teacher directory is now available for prospective students.  This is also a great way for teachers to get noticed.



Music education enhances the life of any child or adult.  Studies have shown that children who learn to play the piano are more likely to excel in virtually every facet of their scholastic pursuits.  Playing a keyboard instrument also helps improve concentration, confidence, self-discipline and the enjoyment of life.  Whether you are an adult or a child, Kretzer Piano believes that finding the right teacher is an important part of taking piano lessons. For over 25 years we have developed relationships with the local teachers and have learned about their teaching philosophies, what age groups they teach, what styles of music and what types of students best fit their teaching techniques.


Kretzer Piano is proud to offer the teacher directory in order to help prospective students identify available music education professionals in our area.  The teachers on our site specialize in a variety of teaching styles and methods for both children and adults.  Please note that we do not endorse any specific teacher listed in this directory.  We strongly encourage any prospective student to meet with the teacher and review the teacher's background, teaching methods, references and fees prior to signing up for lessons.  Our hope is that it will help you find the perfect teacher so that you or your child can begin to discover the wonderful world of music making!  In keeping with our standards of excellence, we are committed to providing accurate information to the music community. If you see any teacher listing that you believe to be incorrect or inappropriate, please contact us at info@kretzerpiano.com.